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Place To Be

Travel with your heart: a new book on travelling in search of a feeling for Lonely Planet. Aloneness, awe, enlightenment, fulfillment, serenity and more.

Dettifoss Waterfall Iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland

You get pretty used to stunning scenery in Iceland, but there are few sights as impressive as Dettifoss, the island’s largest waterfall. it’s one of those places where it’s almost impossible to take in the sheer scale of the scenery, a bit like the Grand Canyon. No wonder it’s been used so often as a film location.

toulouse rooftops

Toulouse: la vie en rose

I’ve just had a new short piece on Toulouse published on, outlining some of the many reasons to explore this often-overlooked southwest city, known as ‘La Ville Rose’. From river trips to historic hôtels particuliers (aristocratic mansions) it’s one of my favourite French cities. I recently went back to update the latest Lonely Planet guidebook to France, and spent quite a few happy hours exploring the markets and soaking up the sunbaked vibe.

inle lake burma

Burma videos

Various stills and videos shot during a recent magazine assignment to Burma (Myanmar). Despite its troubled history, Burma has clung on to its traditional culture, and we had the opportunity to shoot some fascinating footage: from a monk standing beside the country’s biggest reclining Buddha to a fishermen practising the art of leg-rowing.

america flag stars and stripes

Bluegrass in Kentucky

During a recent assignment to Kentucky, we had the chance to visit the little town of Rosine and the birthplace of Bill Monroe, who’s often known as the Father of Bluegrass – arguably the quintessential form of American popular music. Rooted in the music brought over by early settlers from Scotland and Ireland, it’s now inextricably linked with Kentucky and the Appalachian states.

borneo maliau basin

Secret Borneo

My latest feature for, ‘Borneo: Off the beaten track’, is now live on Lonely Planet’s website. The story covers some of the other areas which I wasn’t able to include in my original feature for Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, published back in July 2013. It was a nice opportunity to remind readers just what a diverse and dramatic country Borneo is.