Walking with the emperors: The Kumano Kodo

Pilgrims have sought spiritual renewal on the sacred paths of Japan’s Kii Peninsula for over a millennium. Walk in their footsteps along the Kumano Kodo

assam tea garden northeast india

Northeast India

Explore tea plantations, tiger reserves and holy islands in this adventure in the northeastern regions of India, from Assam all the way to Nagaland on the Burmese border.

tales from transylvania

Transylvania Tales

For this travel feature for Lonely Planet Traveller, I travelled to some of the wilder corners of Transylvania around Miklosvar to research the truth behind the country’s myths and legends, including the most famous tales of all – vampires and Count Dracula. Along the way, I met a Transylvanian count, a village storyteller, a white witch and a nature guide. The story was published in the magazine’s January 2013 edition.

assisi, sunset, umbria, tuscany, umbria

Tuscany and Umbria

Rich food, rolling fields, world-class wine: few regions sum up la dolce vita more than Tuscany and Umbria. This travel feature covers the vineyards of Chianti, the Garfagnana mountains, and the hilltop towns of Assisi, Orvieto and Spello.