Secret Borneo

borneo maliau basin

My latest feature for, ‘Secret Borneo: Off the beaten track’, is now live on Lonely Planet’s website, and has been receiving a lot of interest.

The story covers some of the other areas which I wasn’t able to include in my original feature for Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, published back in July 2013. It was a nice opportunity to remind readers just what an incredibly diverse and dramatic country Borneo really is.

The Kelabit Highlands receive a lot less attention (and visitors) than Mount Kinabalu, which is probably understandable – climbing to the summit of Borneo’s highest mountain is definitely one Asia’s great adventure experiences. But the hills and peaks of Kelabit are in many ways more rewarding. Tribal structures are still strong here, and white faces few and far between, so it’s a way of immersing yourself in Borneo’s traditional culture. And the views are amazing. I stayed with a lovely family who let me work on their farm for a while, and took me on some amazing guided walks too.

Gunung Mulu is a lot better known in comparison, but it’s still a must-see. The caves here are truly mind-blowing – the Sarawak Chamber is the largest cave that’s been discovered to date anywhere on earth, and as I mention in the article, the guides like to claim it’s big enough to hold ten Boeing 747s laid end-to-end. Which is really rather big.

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